e.Logical Powder Floor Cleaner

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Powder Floor Cleaner – Free Flowing Powder Packets

Environmentally preferable powder floor cleaner. Use in kitchens, storage rooms, and also commercial cleaning. Deeply cleans soils from quarry tile, concrete and composition floors. Removes grease and oils with mop / bucket or deck brush applications for improved traction and safer floors. Easy to use packets reduces contact with chemicals. Portion control packets insures consistency of cleaning performance and reduces operational costs.

APPLICATIONS INCLUDE: Quarry Tile Floors, Grout, Concrete, Brick, Stone, Composition Floors and General Purpose Cleaning.

FOR USE IN: Kitchens, Schools, Institutions, Storage, Garages, C-Stores, Supermarkets, Commercial Contract Cleaning.


Product Specs

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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