e.Logical e.Free Hand Soap

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e.Free Foaming Hand Cleaner – Item# CB072

e.Free is a mild liquid foaming hand soap made from the finest ingredients.  It moisturizes as it cleans leaving hands and skin smooth, soft and hydrated.  e.Free is formulated with foaming agents, emollients and naturally derived surfactants that are biodegradable per OECD301.  Fragrance and Color Free.

APPLICATIONS INCLUDE: Hotel & Motels, Industrial, Manufacturing, Health Care, Athletic Stadiums, Locker Rooms, Food Service, Kitchens & Retail.

FOR USE ON: Schools, Universities, Health Care, Health Clubs, Fitness Centers, Locker Rooms, Bathrooms, Commercial Properties, Office Buildings, Super Markets & Convenience Stores.


Product Specs

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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